Amsterdam - the most multicultural city in the world

Total living in Amsterdam 743 000 104 people. Among them are most of the Dutch, that is, people who have Dutch nationality - 532 000 548. Their ethnic origin can be very different. Of the foreigners, that is, people who do not have Netherlands nationality, Amsterdam is home to most Moroccans - 64 thousand 588 people, the Turks - 37 thousand 421 Britons - 10 thousand 244 Germans - 6000 670 and Surinamese - 5000 609.

123 000 204 residents of Amsterdam have dual citizenship, that is, apart from the Netherlands have a passport yet of any state.

In second place in the world on this indicator - the Belgian Antwerp. It is home to 164 nationalities, in New York, occupying the third position - 150. According to the Moscow House of Nationalities, the Russian capital is home to 140 countries.


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