Sleep deprivation

Much has been said about the experiments with sleep deprivation. Although I have yet to hear cases related to the "cultivation" of this approach in their daily lives. I decided to do such experiments and here cite some calculations. There were other experimenters, but was involved in the experiment I am one among friends. Be warned that some of the data may be different for different people ...

The diurnal cycle of the average person is 24 hours, ie, approximately coincides with the circadian cycle of the earth. Home reception: the expansion of the cycle up to 48 hours. And that 38 hours awake 10 hours sleep (my personal preference, really let everyone picks up the relationship for yourself - most importantly, maintaining the same rhythm). I do not know whether it makes sense to take the DS periodically or intermittently. I accept it permanently (in other words, "sitting" on it).

The full effect of the drug can be felt for at least a week. The physical addiction to the new regime comes about over a period of two weeks to a month. But perhaps even more. First time (1 week) there is a violation of the mental and physical balance.

Mental balance bounces back quickly - for 3-5 days, physical - very individual. Thus, the mental state about a week after the start of the reception and without any changes in the future: emotional balance (psychosis, neurosis, uncontrollable state of mind and so can be loosened), but schizoid, and especially paranoid state could increase.

Outbreaks of aggression is almost always held (if there is no apparent predisposition to aggression). After a longer period (I was 9 days, one more person - 3 weeks) may "raise the curtain of the world" (only (?) For practicing the process of internal transformation).

First comes a vague sense of unreality surrounding. Then the feeling moves in the confidence that the perceived artificial, unreal. You begin to see and hear many things from those that are not available to others. However, when there are raskurennye people hearing (sometimes visual) phenomena become perceptible by all.

Users sober at the same time do not take anything. Thus, to name a few hallucinations is incorrect. The vision of the world changes: different point of perception and understanding of the world are expanding in quantity and quality. Many things and ideas previously inaccessible former, are easy to understand. In addition to the above, the effect is similar to the effect of the action of hashish. But without euphoria. Up to the physical condition.
Mix (in order pririteta)

Walking in nature. In the worst case, in a park. Better at night.
Adaptogens (not hurt). Assist adaptation of the psyche and physiology to a new cycle.
Caffeine (tea, coffee worse). Oslablinet effect of norepinephrine. Not zloupotreblint and irregular, as most of the load on the heart.

MJ (in any form). Occasionally. It is only (?) For people with experience of the use of MJ. Beware, as the effect of the DS - mj-like. Three or four large inhaling cannabis can give the effect of both on the receiving good portion of strong milk. In addition, it increases the effects of norepinephrine.

It is undesirable to use the DS in the following cases:
If any serious physical disorders.
When some sort of mental disorders (schizophrenia and pathological forms parnoyi, epilepsy, depression, mental exhaustion ...)

If some of the features of temperament: the weak will power and do not try - nothing worthwhile will come of it. Prevalence of choleric element can lead to loosening of the psyche and nerves.

In dependence on any other drugs. DS - a despot and an individualist: to prevent competitors. Although not sure about mj.
When the lesson any sport. Lead to exhaustion. The same thing - if necessary periodically to do hard physical work.

When the materialistic view of the world. It makes no sense.
When pregnancy. After operation. It interferes with the harmonious course of the recovery processes.
General comments

Names from the drug yet. There are phrases like "Sleep deprivation", used in this text (it is of medical terminology), "The increase in the diurnal cycle" (not "doubling", as the cycle can be selected individually, as energy and desire) ... I will be glad proposals. < br /> After prolonged use (approximately 1 month) DS physical balance may not bounce back. In this case it is better to interrupt the use.

The most difficult period - 1 week. If someone will try to keep this in mind! During this period, capacity can be reduced. If a week is not back to normal, throw this thing!

If you are afraid to go mad, and do not start! Be sure to get off
Internal self-tuning capabilities are expanding (about a month). Who is this month will be successful and will continue to use the DS, write, I will be very glad to new information and new experiences.

Creativity may increase. So that artists, composers, musicians, writers, poets ... a chance to increase the amount available for the use of time and extend the life of a non-standard way!
I believe that with a serious approach to the matter, including all the "pros and cons" and a correct assessment of its forces, the DS can be an interesting substitute for many destructive drugs with the aim to stop spoiling life for themselves and others.


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