Young genius predicted his death

The older boy, the more often noticed around that he was not of this world. Paul before the first class alone twice read the entire Bible, and tried to bring it to others and loved ones. Even learned to predict the future, but the parents did not approve of this, afraid of bad visions.

As it turned out, the fears were not unfounded. One day Paul felt was going to die. On the day he was going to the camp, and Tamara offered to buy new shoes. The boy refused, but only asked whether his mother scolded if he loses shoes. Then the woman did not attach any importance to this, but now I understand that it was a sign.

On the day of departure the child behaved in a strange way: usually lively and cheerful, he was intractable and gloomy. Mom is alerted, it became immediately interested in firmly place to send your child. In the bodies of social protection assured that the camp is good, teachers are responsible for the children and nothing terrible can not happen, says "Yamskaya Sloboda".

A few hours later came home to Vasyura whole delegation and said that Pavlusha died. He really lost shoes, boy hit by a car. It happened outside the camp, the children were there, is still unclear. Tamara about the tragedy itself knows only the words of the investigator, and the camp refused to comment on the situation.
Galina Danilova, a head of Paul - one of those who went to him for identification. She believes that it really was not an easy child. "When I was in the morgue next to him, his face read that he completely did not understand and did not feel the pain - she says - Paul smiled a serene smile and looked like an angel ...ยป

Tamara Vasyura heartbroken and unable to understand who is at fault. She can only hope that this will not go unpunished, should someone has to answer for the death of fourteen teenager. Relatives and friends in one voice say that the Lord sent Pavlik to Earth with a particular purpose, and no one understood. Therefore, the boy was taken back.


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