Plane crash on the Thai island of Phuket

An increasing number of those killed in a plane crash on the Thai island of Phuket on the latest data, 91 people died. According to preliminary version, the cause of the crash could be bad weather. The airliner slid off the runway, crashed into trees and caught fire, broke into two pieces. As a result, he killed 91 people, including 54 foreign tourists and 37 Thais. In addition, in a plane crash 42 injured. Six of the injured are in serious condition with burns to 60% of the body surface. Among the survivors are citizens of Austria, Great Britain, Germany, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Thailand, Sweden. As told by witnesses, the plane would sit too fast. Perhaps at the last moment to land the pilot changed his mind and made a sharp maneuver to raise the plane, but did not succeed.

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