The most common irritants office


American magazine Forbes published a list of the most common irritants office.

 - Leaving a mess on the corporate kitchen;

 - Turn on the music, so that it can hear the rest of the office;

 - Keep the water in the sink in the bathroom, so that the next one who leans on it, there was a wet bar on the clothes;

 - Play solitaire on your Pocket PC during a meeting;

 - Take the food so that the smell is felt by all in the office;

 - Do not transfer your mobile phone to vibrate or silent mode; loud conduct telephone conversations;

 - Standing beside someone's desk and talk loudly, without giving sitting at the table to finish the job;

 - To take things from the tables employees without authorization or not to return them;

 - Iromko carry on a conversation with a colleague from a neighboring table;

 - Take the food that brings other, but never himself not to bring.

By the force caused by negative emotions leading mobile phones. American research organization «Ranstad» and the Society for the Study of Human Resource Management argued that calls to mobile phones of colleagues think the biggest stimulus of about 30% of American office workers. Overseas respondents stated that "their annoying if the office mobile phone rings or if their colleague interrupts the conversation because of an incoming call to the cell».

Meanwhile, the specialists of the Russian Research Holding «ROMIR Monitoring» conducted a study of mobile phone users aged 18 to 55 years old natemu culture of mobile communication.

According to them, the vast majority of the respondents is of the opinion that "the mobile communication should not interfere with others».
Mobile ringtones irritate more than others on the surrounding sounds: in contrast to the standard conventional wired telephone call, every modern mobile device to your own voice. And hateful voice, "tube" of our colleague - not the most cutting rumor option. According to scientists, many of the sounds emitted by mobile phones are unaccustomed to the human ear and are not perceived by them as part of a familiar sound environment. Ringtone inadvertently released the man from the everyday noise attracts attention, distracting from work.

In this regard, many foreign companies, having listened to the voice of the studies even begin to introduce a ban on the use of mobile phones in the office.


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