Lessons of seduction

[1], you know how I am with my Lenka something met?
Nope, will tell
[1] estimate, in line for rubber bands))
Yes you cho)
[1] yeah. she was in line for me was)) I took stock of his, well, Grew saleswoman "six condoms," Smara - Lenka (well, I did not yet know tady her name of course) ulybaetstsa
I realized that it was my hour of stars, looked at her so intently, Grew "knowingly dare" and the window "seven Condom!". Turn us on its way haha, I'm in the glory!
[1] Well, yes. And she said in response, "Cho so few take just twelve!" I ahuel, froze all direct
[1] Well, I buy a large stack of rubber is not going away, and she was so "type I wait?". And she "Yeah, wait!" And the saleswoman "tampon pack!»))))
ZhZhOT !!!
[1] in line one pregnant woman laughing almost gave birth) and this pack Konteksa we Wait a type of mascot))


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