Ancient temples of Angkor

Most of Angkor was abandoned in the 15th century, and temples gradually overgrown forest. This place has been attracting scientists in the late 19th century after the publication of the French naturalist Henry Mowat «Voyage a Siam et dans le Cambodge». Measures were taken to clearing of tropical vegetation, threatening temples and restoration continues to this day

Angkor Wat is the most impressive buildings, exterior walls which is 4 km in diameter. The temple complex was established in accordance with the Hindu concept of space

There are five towers symbolize the five peaks of the mythical Mount Meru, surrounded by the outer walls, symbolizing the seven mountain ranges, and all this splendor surrounded by a wide moat, a width of 100 meters, symbolizing the sea. Buildings on the lower level there are bas-reliefs, which depict scenes from the Ramayana, the Mahabharata and the war scenes of the kingdom of Angkor period


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