Car killer Princess Diana go under the hammer for $ 2 million

Sell ​​for 1 million pounds (2 million dollars), Jean-Francois Myusa going mangled Mercedes, where the August 31, 1997 in Paris smashed Lady Di, along with her boyfriend Dodi Fayed. Make it Myusa intends in the case of a successful outcome of the trial, which he started to British police returned to him by the law of the car belonging to him.
48-year-old Myusa is the owner of "L'Etoile Limousine," which has made the fateful day Fayed car rental. Over the past eight years, Mercedes was in France, where the French police conducted the examination in the investigation of the death of the Princess of Wales. Today the machine is at the disposal of the British police, which the 14th December to prepare a report on the results of the investigation. So far, it determined that in the car during the accident was not a deliberately arranged or random faults.

According Myusa he is the rightful owner of the famous car (or rather, what's left of it), which, according to his estimates, today is worth about $ 2 million. "These are exceptional pieces of ... They belong to us. At first I thought to give them to Mohamed Al Fayed, whose son died in the car. Then I thought that maybe they belong in a museum. Now I want to sell them. I was told that many people are willing to pay a fortune to have these ruins. However, no specific requests have not yet been reported, but people are interested in me, no matter how much they might cost, "- he said.

Who will get really tragic fragments, it is very difficult to say. Sons of Lady Di, Princes William and Harry, try someone else "weld" at the expense of their personal grief are unlikely to enjoy. This will undoubtedly frustrate them both. However, Myusa convinced that the tragedy of the tragedy, and justice must be restored. "We should at least compensate for the money that we lost ... It was not our fault," - said the Frenchman.


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