Named the most female cars in 2007

To find out, finally, some of these iron horses instead of white live in the hearts and garages of modern of the fair sex, JDPower known consulting company conducted a study which revealed which cars were bought mostly by women in 2007. At the same time employees of the company, it was found, what cars become the most popular this year in men, but it is currently not so important. Suffice it to say that on the topic of discussing the differences between the sexes, keep in mind that if the "most masculine" car was Audi RS4, the "most women" - a Volvo S40.
The study, of course, took place in the United States, but its results can be safely

judge the overall trends. It's no secret that men opt for a car heart and woman head. The top 10 women's car, which made Americans of JDPower & Associates, has not got neither a sports car. Instead, there were sensitive, easy to operate small passenger cars and SUVs, making emphasis on safety, quality, reliability and price.

Of course, one can not say that all women are afraid to drive fast, but those who love the exception rather than the rule. But the robust Swedish cars Volvo, as it turned out, did not excite the imagination of a million modern women. Also S40, take a leading position with the index 53% by number of women, the versatile V50 and S60 sedan hit the 7th and 9th places respectively. Thus, Volvo became the most popular luxury-brand women.
Another luxury-brand became Japanese Lexus. If Volvo is associated with security, the Lexus - is synonymous with quality and reliability. Two models of this brand fell to 3rd place (IS 250 gained 47, 7% of women) and 6th (RX liked 46, 9%). Lexus has the 7th consecutive year, recognizes the best-selling luxury-brand in America. The popularity of the RX in women can be attributed to the convenience of the car for family use.
Silver is in the top 10 took the Jaguar X-Type, more than half the cars sold which went to women (51, 2%). The list also hit Mersedes-Benz Class «C» (47, 2%) and BMW X3 (44, 6%). 4th and 8th position in the ranking took the car brand Acura (the North American division of concern Honda), but in Russia, officially they are not sold.


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