Found-star twin sun

Scientists have discovered a double sun, about which they knew for a long time, but could not calculate its location.

Astronomers Jorge Melendez of the Australian National University and Ivan Ramirez of the University of Texas found the star HIP 56948 with a telescope from the McDonald Observatory in Texas. HIP 56948 is a medium-sized star, one of many in the constellation Draco.

She was about 4, 6 billion years, ie it is older than the sun. RBC reports.

The star HIP 56948 is located at a distance of 200 light years, and is considered the most suitable candidate for the title of the double sun, reports MSNBC. The newly discovered star, like the sun, has a low content of lithium, which is a byproduct of the fusion reaction. First, scientists believed that this is a unique characteristic of the sun. Discovered earlier 18 Scorpius, HD 98618 and HIP 100963 is very similar to the Sun in many respects, but the level of lithium is much higher.

The discovery of the double sun will help astronomers study the chemical composition of the stars, and monitoring provide evidence previously put forward theories of the internal structure of the Sun and its evolution.

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