TV star Lola Turubara (4 photos)

Turubara Lelia was born January 27, 1971. "On this day were born Mozart and Lewis Carroll, so I think that is something of which I have absorbed" - says Lola. In the 7 years of future life TV star looked like a horror movie - it was sent directly to the school 3: French special school, sports and music. Lola is the first adult level in diving and 2nd adult category on rhythmic gymnastics.

Even as a child, Lola learned never to be late. In 1994, Lei graduated from the journalism faculty of Moscow State University and came to television. There she worked as a correspondent for "White Crow" (RTR) and the leading category "Star" in the program "Vesti 11" on RTR. Since 1998 Lola led the program "Day by Day" on TV6. Now Lola is "Good morning" on the First Channel.


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