Christina Aguilera is pregnant with third child

Singer Christina Aguilera is in an interesting position, the newspaper "Your Day". As it turned out, the period of 36-year-old daughter Alla Pugacheva small - only 10 weeks.

Christine raising two sons from two previous marriages, Vladimir Presnyakov and Ruslan Baysarov, and now again she is expecting a baby from a third wife - Mikhail Zemtsov.

Christina as yet met with Michael, he admitted that he wanted to become a mother again. After a 16-year-old Nikita and 9-year-old Danny Aguilera dreamed of a daughter.

Despite the interesting position, the singer continues to tour. Scheduled for December concerts Christina is committed to work out, because now begins a busy season of corporate events, where the stars are earning much higher customary fees.

And then Orbakaite can leave for Miami where he and Michael own apartment and where to learn her eldest son. It is likely that her third child was born in the United States. After all, in America, Christina is not less than in Moscow.

Roman Zemtsova and Aguilera began three years ago. With the descendant of Russian immigrants and a US citizen in Miami singer met on the set of the show, when the owner of a dental clinic Zemtsov came to the set. Fall in love with Orbakaite Zemtsova did not stop even the fact that he is younger than his lady.


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