Fun facts about the shooting of famous movies

Shooting of "Moulin Rouge" started two weeks later than planned because Nicole Kidman had to learn to dance. When you first try to dance the waltz, she trod on McGregor all legs. By the way, in the credits at the very end, the fine print says that the crew are deeply grateful to the producers of champagne "Moët & Chandon».

During the filming of "Titanic" under the wheels of a heavy truck hit your favorite lizard Leonardo DiCaprio. By the way, James Cameron has ordered for the "Titanic" underwater photography, which were prepared for six months, dragged on for five months and cost enormous money, and in the film included only 12 minutes of the shooting.

The creators of "Lord of the Rings," which spent shooting for 200 thousand more than necessary, due to the fact that at the last moment the soldiers of the New Zealand Army, which brought in as extras, went to restore order in East Timor. Extras had to hire the actors and teach them a long time to go order.

Another item of expenditure - props. For the "Lord of the Rings" have made more than a thousand pairs of latex ears and feet. Alas, the material was not durable, so that the ears can be used only once, and the poor orcs and hobbits wore makeup for 10 hours.

It costs much less victims of Harry Potter. Some of the crew admitted that as dragon's blood, they used an ordinary detergent for ovens. By the way, the place of the director of "Harry Potter" was invited by Steven Spielberg, but he refused because he did not like the English actors and shoot the Americans did not want producers.

Richard Gere in "Pretty Woman" Just once in a frame called Vivian Julia. Later, the director admitted that he just missed the lapse during installation.

The "Terminator" twice seen a microphone and someone from the crew, and Schwarzenegger calls Sarah Connor not by the phone, which is listed in the phone book.

By the way, the original plan for the scenario of "Terminator" James Cameron's wife, Gail, have bought a tray of some poor little as 1 dollar.

One of the most spectacular episodes of "The Matrix" in general is built on a factual error: if cut cables at the lift, he still will not fall, it is the design features, so in theory, Neo and Trinity were injured by their own self-bomb.

Who would have thought that Pitt Bredd a responsible actor. On the set of "Fight Club," he knocked out several teeth. The producer offered him immediately to correct this misunderstanding by the company, but Pitt refused because it thought it was in the nature of his character, and so toothless and walked to the end of filming.


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