Test. Whether you will live up to 70 years?

Everyone interested in their own chances of longevity. I'm sure many will clarify this test, compiled by American physicians.

Answer the questions in all sincerity, and on some even contemplate. Age does not matter. Anyway - you are 20 or 50 years.

So, take the number 72. It will need to subtract or add to it as a result of your typed answers glasses.

 - Women live on average seven years longer, if you're a woman, so first of all, add 72 to the number 4.

 - If you live in a town with a population of over 1 million people, then subtract 2 years.

 - If you live in the village, with a population of less than 10 thousand people, then add 2 years.

 - If you are busy working in mental work, subtract 3 years, if the physical - add 3 years.

 - If you exercise five times a week at least half an hour, then add 4 years. If two or three times - add 2 years.

 - If you are married (married) or are going to marry, add 5 years. If not, subtract one year for every 10 years, unmarried life, from the age of 25.

 - If you are constantly sleep more than 10 hours, subtract 4 years. If, for 7-8 hours, do not subtract.

 - If you do not sleep well, subtract 3 years. Most of fatigue, as well as too long sleep - a sign of poor circulation.

 - If you are nervous, quick-tempered, aggressive man, subtract 3 years. If you are calm, steady - add 3 years.

 - If you are happy, then add 1 year. If you are unhappy, subtract 2 years.

 - If you drive a car and driving constantly break the rules, subtract 1 year.

 - If you are constantly short of money all the time and you are looking for, where you could earn, subtract 2 years.

 - If you have a high school education, add 1 year if higher education - 2 years. n If you are retired, but continue working, add 3 years. Complete inactivity, lack of communication shorten life.

 - If any one - your grandmother or your grandfather - lived to be 85 years, add 2 years. If both lived up to 80 years - 4 years. If one of them died, he died of a stroke, heart attack, cancer before they reach 50 years old, subtract 3 years.

 - If you smoke and smoke more three packs a day, subtract 8 years. If one pack - 6 years, if less than a pack - 3 years.

 - If every day you drink a drop of alcohol, subtract 1 year.

 - If your weight compared to normal for your age and height exceeds 20 kg, subtract 8 years. If 15-20 kg, then - 4 years if 5-15 kg - 2 years.

The number that you got in the end, is the age at which you can live. But, of course, you exceed it if you better take care of yourself and give up bad habits.


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