Paris Hilton answered the questions of the magazine OK!

Scandalous American socialite Paris Hilton has personally invited the magazine "OK!" To his house to say to the world: "I do not what you represent me!"

What is the misconception people have about you?
Many people think that I'm not working, and it irritates me, because I work with since I was 16 years old. I plow every day. My grandfather once said: "My granddaughter is working harder than any CEO I know."

What do you think, why you so often find fault?
Everything is simple. Everyone makes mistakes, but if it is well-known person, then inflate it misses the whole story. Media should pay attention to more important things - such as global warming or the people dying from hunger. Making fun of those who have cellulite - it is at least silly.

You look terrific. How do you stay in such a form?
I have my own coach, we have been with him in the gym. Even in the morning I go for long walks on foot or on roller skates, and sometimes ride on a bicycle. But my biggest passion - is riding on horseback. In general, do sports every day.

You follow any special diet?
A diet without sport - a waste of time. And because I load myself well, then let myself have almost everything. I love french fries, burgers and lasagna - it's my addictions. You'd be surprised, but I never aspired to being too thin.

There were rumors that you enlarge your breasts ...
Rave. I would never do that, because I do not like all unreal.

What is your most terrible memory connected with the prison?
First night. It was a living hell. I do not want to say about the environment: in terms of the law, they were probably quite acceptable. But prison is prison. Do you feel full of loneliness, helplessness and fear. That night happened to me a real paranoia.

You really have changed a lot since been released from prison?
Yes. I feel like I grew up. Now I use my popularity to organize a freak show. I want to draw attention to social problems. I am very much doing it.

When you have forged their children?
In foreseeable future. I like kids. I want to marry a maximum of a year and give birth soon. Moreover, preferably a boy. I'll call him London. And then I face the girl and call her Paris-junior. London will defend it. Wow, I thought up? [Laughs.]

And yet you do not want to follow the fashion and Hollywood to adopt a child?
This is possible, but not now. To begin, I would like to have their own child.

How much time do you need to gather?
10 minutes. Do not believe? And this is so. Of course, if I go to some big party, I can spend half an hour to get ready. But this is due to makeup, but not with the clothes. I always know that I wear.

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