The most unattractive smile celebrities (9 photos)

A favorite of many teenagers, Daniel Radcliffe for several years now acts as the young wizard Harry Potter, earning in this field many millions of dollars. However, apparently, even its agents did not dare to hint young actor, it's time to spend some part of millions of banal teeth whitening from yellow plaque.

Compared with yellow smile smile Potter Radcliffe-punk princess Avril Lavigne downright shines white light. But the singer has another problem - a very noticeable outstanding forward middle teeth - a real vampire fangs! Moreover, those who try to fight with Avril probably have to fear a painful bite.

In order to correct your smile, British singer Amy Winehouse would have to spend a large part of the fees, and without that not too large because most Winehouse stays in rehabilitation clinics, rather than performing on stage.

How Tom Cruise managed to attract his current wife Katie Holmes a smile - remains a mystery. What is clear is that Tom should choose not to embrace Kathy, and a strong friendship hug iron brackets - to correct crooked teeth.


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