Ghost Town in the desert, Namibia (12 pics + text)

In 1908, the railway worker Zacharias Leviev is the first time found a sparkling stone in the sand near the railway 7 km from the town of Luderitz. At one time he worked at the Kimberly and seasoned managed to see the diamond look directly at the surface of the sandy desert ...

Zacharias gave finder foreman Shtauhu Augustus, who was still bright-eyed and immediately realized what was happening ... without attracting undue attention, he hurried to stake out vast areas along the narrow saddle in the Dolomites mountain range, near Luderitz ...

In this peculiar corridor wind carries sand from the mouth of the Orange adjacent to the southern part of the Namib desert further north. It was there, realized shrewd Shtauh, small diamonds, handed down the river into the ocean, and then thrown out by the surf on the beach, with sand carried along. In a few years, the foreman became a multimillionaire.

Finding Leval and Shtauha was the beginning of the diamond fever - over the next decade Kolmanskop became a bustling European city, a small paradise of German culture ...


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