The Englishman survived a lightning strike to the head (8 photos)

We can say that Darren Milne was born under a lucky star - or as they say in his native Britain, with a silver spoon in his mouth - he managed to survive after a powerful lightning that struck in the head.

On that day, 41-year-old Englishman Darren with his wife, Vicky traveled to the National Park Bryce Canyon in Utah in the United States and admired the vistas of the canyon.

As he later told Milne, suspecting nothing, he was walking through rocky terrain. Suddenly a strong wind blew and rained hail from heaven. The next moment I heard Darren strong crunch and lost consciousness. In itself it came the sound of his wife.

His wife Vicky has painted so that she will not forget the rest of his life: "I saw my husband lying on the ground, his clothes were torn, shoes lay a few meters away from him. It was in the blood, there was a smell of burning flesh and hair on his head was completely burned ... I started screaming in terror, and then he croaked, "I hear you".

Lightning came into his head, and after going through the whole body went into the ground.


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