"The best film" broke the record for a collapse fees

One of the most spectacular intrigues domestic film business has experienced over the past two weeks. After a fabulous collections in the premiere weekend "Best Film" collapsed in the second record. In this weekend painting turned up for the 72% fewer people than the week before. Until now, this decline in popularity in the CIS has not experienced even a single film project for the big screen.

Several interlocutors RB.ru the day before the announcement of the results wondered known whether the results of the second weekend of "The Best Movie." The market really impressed supernatural fees that the project "took" in the premiere days.

Estimates vary of the first fund. According to the magazine "Film Business Today", the project has collected over the starting four days $ 16, 5 million. "Kommersant" has announced a $ 19, 2 million. One of the market participants, who wished to remain anonymous, in a conversation with a reporter RB.ru said distribution the company announced a $ 15 million. As a result, the figures range from $ 15 million to $ 19 million.

In Russia there is no system of electronic tickets, which have made it possible to give a more accurate cash. Now all cinemas trust who say the data on the phone or, in extreme cases, sent by fax.

After the weekend the film went on to earn more. Another four million dollars - over the next four weekday (data "Film Business Today"). But during the weekend waiting for a terrible picture of the collapse: she scored only $ 4, 5 million, losing 72% of the audience.

According to co-owner of "Invest Cinema" Edward Pichugin, the collapse of the standard of the film in the second weekend in Russia usually reaches 30-50%. "As I recall, so far the maximum loss is considered to be the" fall "of the film" War ", which is a week after the start lost 70% attendance," - says the expert.

Success has not been canceled
The disappointment of the public, experts in the film refers to the quality of the project and the output of pirated versions on DVD just in the middle of last week. This film continues to enter the small list of lucrative Russian paintings. After spending $ 5 million on the production and investing $ 5 million in a promotional campaign, the producers had to raise about $ 15 million to fight off all the expenses.

Currently Booking "best film" already has $ 25 million. Co-producer of the project, Artak Gasparyan, at a press conference to launch the movie was released, he said that charges of $ 25 million will fully satisfy the command.

It is now obvious that in spite of the sharp start, the film is hardly pick up $ 30 million. And this result is in any case will be one of the most prominent in the Russian film business. Among domestic paintings compare with him only a "Day Watch" ($ 31, 9 million) and "The irony
Fate 2 "($ 50 million).

But it is clear also that a more thorough work on the content of the film's producers - Comedy Club iTNT - could earn ten - fifteen million greater.

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