How to determine the nature of sleep posture?

Have you ever paid attention to how you sleep? Meanwhile pose in which a person resides in the realm of Morpheus, can tell a lot about him.

In contrast to everyday life in a dream, we are completely in the power of the subconscious and can not control their gestures and facial expressions. That is the position in which a person is asleep, it can tell us about many interesting things. So, consider some of the most common sleep postures.

The most popular position - a posture of the embryo. Man sleeping on the side with half-bent legs. This is the most natural position, as It is in this position the baby is in the womb. Usually people sleep so that only in appearance seem decisive, but within the sensitive and a little shy. In life, they are quite easy to adapt to new circumstances and new people come together. If pulled over his knees up to his chin, then this position indicates that the sleeper is not confident in their abilities, afraid of the future, want to isolate themselves from the outside world and in great need of protection.

The most common way people sleep in a state of stress.
The second most popular position - "log." A man sleeps on his side, his hands clasped behind his head and his legs stretched out. Such people are very open and sociable. They love to be part of the crowd, have a large circle of friends. However, often there are too trusting, they are easy to fool.

The following position - "the King." A man sleeps on his back, arms and legs stretched out along the trunk, may be slightly spread out. Such people are distinguished by unwavering confidence, calmness and restraint. They love to be the center of attention and a little vain. But despite this, very good listener, always ready to help. At the same time high demands for others and above all to itself.

"Stretched out" position: a person sleeps on his stomach, his hands curled over his head may bow cushion, legs extended, feet slightly apart. Such people are required, precise and accurate. They do not like surprises, so try to regulate everything in life and schedule. Most often sociable and sometimes even bold and brash. It was bad enough to cope with extreme situations. I can not stand when they are criticized.

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