How can zatyunit your APC

1. Set the electro-pneumatic wheel drive, now shift gears joystick
2. Completely dismantled interior
3. Conducted noise insulation
4. put new glass in all windows, new side mirrors
5. Install the camera and rearview monitor her
6. Set the voltage converter 24-12-220 In
7. Install heater "Webasto»
8. Did forced ventilation razdatki - Blagodyarya rid of this odor in the cabin
9. Install a powerful music with a separate cab and on the interior acoustics, infrared headphones, DVD drive, a large monitor for passengers
10. Completely redesigned floor, walls, ceiling, interior lighting
11. Vikinuli all the old seat and put new fully folding seats and sofa. Driver and co-driver - seat of "Chrysler»


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