Eiffel Tower is proposed to extend

Paris Serero Architects invited the company to significantly expand the upper observation deck of the Eiffel Tower (Tour Eiffel) at the expense of a giant "flower" of Kevlar.

It will increase the area of ​​the upper platform from 280 to 580 square meters, which will take the tower at the top to 1,700 tourists per hour. This should significantly reduce the waiting time: during the hours of the influx of visitors who want to climb to the upper level of the tower, tourists have to wait their turn from 30 minutes to an hour plus.

Promulgated design "expander" raises questions about the appropriateness of fair and aesthetics of the "compounding." But let us hasten to reassure you - "flower" is offered to establish only temporary. Why?

The fact is that in 2009 the famous buildings 120 years. And the Eiffel Tower operating company (Société d'Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel - SETE) decided, first as a special way to celebrate an anniversary, and secondly, to reconstruct open to the public site Tour Eiffel.

Given the special "demand for tower" and the magnificent view from the 300-meter-high, SETE believes that the enhanced playground construction still as useful.

However, the final decision to put "flower" on the tower or not - is still pending. It is anticipated that the reaction of Parisians on such intervention will, at least, ambiguous. And how can we not recall that 120 years ago, many residents of the city, including several famous French writers and artists resented undertaking Gustave Eiffel, believing that disfigure Tower in Paris.

We must also add that additional platform will be bolted to the existing upper viewing platform so that the tower itself is not required to make any changes and alterations. And after the jubilee celebrations huge flower can be completely removed without a trace, without consequences for Eiffel's masterpiece.

Besides the new playground, made of high-strength and lightweight carbon material would weigh only 1, 2 tons, for the bearing capacity of the construction - a mere trifle.

It will cost a festive decoration tower at 1, 3 million euros.

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