Hike to the Ostankino TV tower

In early childhood I had a dream-to visit the Ostankino television tower. But then it was almost out of science fiction. And now Plata loot and tested. In general beauty. I decided that the 2014 winter vacation will fulfill his evil plan.
Please do not break. About the end I will tell

And so, at 6:30 am on 3 January, I got off the train at the Belarus station

And I went to the secret place, the benefit that the tower can be seen very well and do not need a map. Along the way we came across all sorts of buildings. For example home last Savelovsky Station

And here's a mall

Moscow is slowly but surely waking up

Surprised, but in Moscow observe STOP line. We have in the farther you zaedesh for the STOP-line the steeper your govnopovozka (to me this is not true)

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On one of the minor streets I met beaver. Almost live

And here is the beaver

I do not stop marveling at the Moscow mixing old and new

But along these routes Savelovsky direction I arrived in the capital

Aeroexpress took another batch of vacationers

The products of this company like a child

As I said, the tower can be clearly seen. Better than most of the lighthouses. In this frame you can see the construction of the metro. Station name not remember

But behind this fence proved to be yet another way, but they, too, were safely preodaleny

The ultimate goal is getting closer. Before the tour even as much as 2:00

Directions Oak Grove

But this concert hall Ostankino and concurrently the beginning of the tour route at the tower

So how come an hour before the booked time, I decided to take a stroll around the neighborhood

The palace pond

Successfully killing time made his way to the scene

And here comes the fun part. When registering on the tour has two phases. One common, and the second consists of those who jump the queue. I think, it is not necessary to explain some of the queues, appeared 50 times longer :) excursions and get a pass passed the extra items in a locker and makes emptying the bladder went directly to the tower

For the tower to go on the corridor. Beyond which intrude strictly prohibited. Naturally I made atonement and ... You're alive and well. At the briefing you said that Fota is possible everywhere except point inspection of visitors

To be honest, I did not hurt either make a separate photo essay on the inspection point, but time is quite impossible, then so be it. Almost immediately for PPC long-awaited Tower

But these things are of hell noisy. On the tour did not explain the purpose shumelok, but I suspect that they are cooled transmitters that there are

At the entrance to the tower itself Father Christmas hands out cards and offers to write them zhelaenie. A signed card is necessary to hang on the Christmas tree. The desire, of course, will be fulfilled. By the way, on the card is no room for writing text

There he is. The world Nikita

In the lobby of the tower is an exhibition of photographs, a few machines with cookies and other junk food, several models of the tower and exhibition of souvenirs. Sami souvenirs sold in the first building. Which kontserntny room. Nothing to buy did not

on this TV in a looped mode, showed the film in the style of taymlaps about Moscow. Swasey not understand-what for? I had to plug my flash drive with porn. But since there were children in the room-it was decided not to shock the audience

It is a miserable plaque dedicated to the designer of the tower

Some TTX tower

And here it is! The long-awaited moment of recovery. People have started to drive to the lifts

One of the walls of the elevator

During the ascent is very robust design ears pop from the pressure differential. Recommends swallowing. Oddly-in-kind help! Friendly crowd got out of the elevator at around 337 meters, and ... were unpleasantly surprised virtually no visibility. But not just choose 3 January and 10 hour excursion. According to early weather forecasts had to be -16 and virtually sterile sky with small cloud. And the most important thing was to start 9-58 sunrise! That is the spectacle promised to be a spectacular, fully justifies it spent 850 rubles (not counting the cost of travel to Moscow and back). But the huge bird oblomingo visited all of us that day. That's what we saw

Only a ball is a glass floor that can withstand up to 1,000 kg shock. Get up on the glass very points. Especially the first time. But there were no laying bricks, as has been the experience of paragliding

But, actually I do. The windows are seen vistas. More precisely nifiga not see! But on every window has a phot-that must be seen in the real world

Having made a circle on the viewing platform realized that there is nothing more to catch

I tried to get on the closed in winter open ground. My attempt was brutally suppressed sign

I asked the guide why Hope-closed area? In that reply was received, it's cold and windy. And it looks like this

I decided to stir up another bow on glass

It's time to go down. I came elevator. The elevator has a monitor that shows in real time to find the elevator in the shaft. As well as a pointer to a height of zero. Tsiforki very smartly run. However as 7 meters per second. Again had to swallow (in the good sense of the word)

A farewell glance at the tower

And then another one. You see at the top of the tower and the extension of the clouds? So, if you come on a tour and see the same thing, feel free to turn around and bring down the other side. You still do not see

He asked: Are there any plans in the future to organize more serious excursions: a visit to the hall transmitters repaired restaurant Seventh Heaven, the body of the tower with a cable tie. The answer is yes. And they said even that right this year and stir up. By the way, in the same year and plan to finish the repair of the restaurant. Which closed after a fire in 2000

With grief decided to ride on the Moscow monorail is it is not yet closed. That's all. Thank you for attention. All foty and text copyrights



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