Bank robber won the lottery a million dollars

The offender from Barnstable (Massachusetts), who is serving a five-year term for robbing a local bank, won the lottery of $ 1 million, according to US media.

An unemployed resident from Barnstable Timothy Elliott, who turned 55 years old, went to jail after attempting to rob a bank in his hometown in October 2006. In this step, he went because of the difficult financial situation and the inability to find a permanent job.

According to media reports, the convicted lawyer told reporters that under the law of Massachusetts authorities have no right to collect winnings from his client, since he bought the lucky lottery ticket a few days before the crime was committed.

Local media do not report why he found the ticket just now.

Representatives of the supervisory authorities of Massachusetts told the press that the convicted person is not entitled to use the winnings until such time as he is not fully depart conclusion.

According to the court, Eliot was forced to pay monthly to the state treasury $ 65 court costs and cover damage brought by the bank, according to RIA "Novosti".


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