Most foolishly lost computer data

"The data from your computer may disappear as a result of a natural disaster, system failure, computer virus, or your own irritability." This is a quote from a memo users, written by British experts to restore lost data. They made a list of the most supernatural "computer failure". According to experts, in most cases, do not blame failures, not viruses, and the users themselves.

10th place: topped the list people who put "a melted" hard drive in the freezer. He had read on the Internet that will eliminate frost failures "iron" and will help to restore the data.

9th place: Another user versed with folders and inadvertently deleted the ones that, on the contrary, wanted to keep. He realized his mistake only after cleaning basket and defragment your hard disk.

8th place: During the construction of an office building steel beam fell on a laptop, which contained all the plans of the building. It was found that about backups of documents nobody cared.

7th place: In seventh place laptop owner, in which suddenly began to experience failures. It turned out that the poor laptop literally beat the victim's nephew, as he explained, "for excessive thoughtfulness».

6th place: Record set in relation to viruses clerk of Wales, who managed to pick up three days 496 different viruses that destroyed almost his entire system.

5th place: Fifth place was won over by the right couple, oblivious to save hundreds of photos of her three-month baby before reinstalling the operating system.

4th place: Fourth place belongs to the hit parade climber whose digital camera broke when dropped from a height of about 5700 meters.

3rd place: Sitting in the car, the woman put her laptop on the roof, I forgot about it and went about his business. During the movement of the laptop slid off the roof and crashed.

2nd place: One user was so mad from malfunctioning computer that threw it into the toilet and flushed a couple of times. Toilet at the same time, of course, crashed.

1st place: The greatest damage caused by himself, who decided to crush the "hovering" computer machine. From the computer nothing left as well as the tires expensive "off-road": all four tires after the execution had to be replaced with new ones.


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