In restaurants, waiters German steel robots

In Nuremberg, the businessmen decided to add variety to the traditional restaurant business, opening the first restaurant in Germany Bagger's, where waiters will perform the duties of robots.

Bagger's is part of a small hotel, but the idea of ​​using the achievements of modern art belongs to its owner. According to the businessman, the system is much more efficient and convenient than the traditional work of waiters. In addition, the wonders of robotics attracted to a place many tourists traveling to historical places.

In order to make a purchase Bagger's, you should use a special screen with the touch menu, and after their favorite dishes are ready, they will deliver a special machine right on the dinner table.

The robot brought the food right and not wrong in choosing a table, all the furniture in the institution painted the color code.

The unit itself is a complex system of rails reminiscent attraction "roller coaster."

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