Lamp 5 Pack was made by designer Axel Schmid (Axel Schmid) for Ingo Maurer (Ingo Maurer). Seeing it for the first time, you might think, if the ceiling hangs a bunch of dishes, but not light. It is the first impression it produces.
In fact, the idea is even more interesting. It turns out that the "internal" it is no less fun to do than externally.

How it works is rather ambiguous. In order to start the lamp to shine, these kind of "small plates" have to disunite. It is unclear whether it is done manually or is there some magical "shnurochek," but the idea is excellent. Reminiscent of the good old days when the light is also switched through the ropes and laces. Although it is now somewhere this principle was preserved until now. And then a hedgehog and pushed the lamp itself. Sumptuously! Bravo designer. This idea seems to have not been previously encountered. Tellingly, the light will be shown at the exhibition held in Milan Salone Del Mobile - 2008.


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