Lessons aerodynamics and aeronautics BASE climbing

Valery Rozov - the inventor of a new sport called BASE climbing.

BASE climbing - this is a unique and unparalleled blend of two dissimilar, species
Sports - technically difficult climbing and bass. This type of activity, which can now
day only a few people in the world. Visit the unique lessons aerodynamics, aeronautics and winging
can any resident of St. Petersburg on April 25 at 14:00 on the beach of the Peter and Paul Fortress. Organizers -
Red Bull.

Last achievements of Valery Rozov - climbing the west face of Mount timeout (Venezuela, state
Amazonia), together with the expedition "Russian Extreme Project" and a team of climbers "Russian Way
- Wall of Peace. " December 4 Valery Rozov made a successful BASE jump off the wall out. Jump
It presented a lot of difficulties due to lack of landing sites. I had to sit right in the jungle,
the height of the trees that reached 30 - 40 meters.


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