Volochkova gave his daughter the night

Renowned dancer to teach a child to star lifestyle
Despite the late hour, Anastasia has brought a two-year Ariadne to the exhibition of fashion photography, to attach it to the contemplation of high art.

On display works by the famous photo-Vlad Loktev ballerina came with the whole family.

When he saw the flash of cameras, shy girl at first, and then completely raskapriznichalas. Nastya was nothing left to do but to send her daughter with home helpers.

Distressed child's behavior Anastasia about an hour talking with guests of the exhibition "Gloss", is the spouse Igor Vdovin studied the creation Loktev with a glass in hand. Despite the smile, Volochkova was visibly nervous and literally could not find a place to the point where Ariadne was sent home.

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