Spam turns 30

This week, more precisely on May 3 the whole world to "mark" a sad anniversary - on this day, May 3, 1878, 30 years ago, was sent to the first spam message.

Then it's a message that was sent out one of the managers of computer companies DEC, about 400 people, was not called spam, and the author did not want anyone to harm.

Now everything is different. And the very methods of spam over the last thirty years have also changed.

Percentage of spam sent to the address of Gmail, email service Google, from 2004 to 2008 increased from 20% to 80%.

In this case, according to the information service Gmail, through its filters to users erupts only about 1% of all spam messages sent.

In addition, if you previously had the first spammers gain email addresses manually, now this is not an easy job for a long time to carry out special bot programs.

At the moment of their activity regularly suffer about 30% of personal and office computers with insufficient protection worldwide.

Despite the obvious harm spam, about 12% of Internet users still purchase goods, which are often advertised in spam messages. Often the quality of the goods offered in such a way, is doubtful, but that does not stop people.

In 2007, 75% of Americans losses as a result of spam scams and fraud amounted to 239, 09 million., Or $ 152, 5 million. Euro.


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