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Autopilot - very useful-valued function of the human psycho-ki. It appears when the subject is treblinvshy Booze is in a stupor, and appears in the most unexpected places.


Hangover - see. The Hangover.
Buhalovka - also that thumps just massively
Thump - to absorb vast quantities in Booze.
Thump on the ball - potreblint Booze, without putting thus no economic value, and is not accompanied by any physical effort. It happens rarely.
Booze - degree liquid (the higher degrees, the beam-above) which increases mental state getting into the blood through the system bottles, stack, mouth, stomach

Helicopter - precedes or Child Nutrition Ichthyander Riga the day after swelling - rapid and unnatural-ing the earth's rotation in a clockwise direction in different planes. There comes the end of the swelling.
Take a ticket to Riga - see. Go to Riga.
Detox - sweet home.


Firewood - subjective state, that when he is identified with the wood - the same emotionless and driven.


Eat - not to be confused with the "is." Same as plump, but in a rude manner. When the plump, Care to Riga is not required when guzzle - regular.


Grounding - a natural human need to find a third (stable, unlike the first two) foothold. Manifested in contact with hands immovable objects: the walls, the ground, etc.
Zakus - small coli celebrates food (not to be confused with food), co-Thoroe upotreblinetsya immediately after drinking booze.
Binge - not zapivanie and not a request to sing. It is a complex process long swelling. Available only to specialists

Drunk - pobuhat with the departure to Riga or feeding Ichthyander with elements of total amnesia.
Nasinyachitsya - see. Drunk.


Opohmelku - degree liquid (often Booze) that increases in the use of mental and physical state which is obtained by Hangover.
Opohmeltolog - the kindest man in the world (even the good doctor Dr. Dolittle). More precisely it considered as such until a person has a hangover. Delivers a subject with a hangover N-th number opohmelku.
The survivors - those who after FUSION or swelling, can still make a smart person.


Feed Ichthyander - same Go to Riga, but the return of booze and Zakusya occurs in the device called "toilet" in the room called "the toilet».
Hangover - very poor mental and physical condition of the subject after the swelling.
Pyan hydrolysis - prospirtovanny subject of breath, which wither flowers and butterflies ignite.


Sinyachit - see. Guzzle.
Stupor - a condition in which the subject has Buha did not see or hear, but still drinks.


Sobriety - as the specter of communism, only worse.


Go to Riga - a little pleasant procedure when the subject returns it potreblinvshy Booze (Booze) in place with a bite to eat in the form of semi-finished product in the same way that potreblinl him, but in the opposite direction. Return Sauveur-creases in the neighbor to the left, right, in front, as well as an exception on the table.
Fly to Riga - see. Go to Riga.
Smart - a person with a smile


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