The inventor demonstrated flexible plasma screens TV

Inventor of plasma panels and CEO Shinoda Plasma Tsutae Shinoda (Tsutae Shinoda) demonstrated a prototype of a plastic 125-inch plasma display panel, reports TechRadar. In the future, it plans to increase the diagonal Shinoda Plasma flexible up to 250 inches. Until the end, he intends to show the 150-inch plasma display.

The thickness of the head shown Shinoda Plasma 125-inch plasma display panel of one millimeter. This device provides good flexibility and allows you to place it along the semicircular wall. The weight of the TV set is 3, 6 kilograms. However, its low resolution - 960h360 pixels.

Presented Tsutae Shinoda Plasma TV is not the biggest in the world. Panasonic is at the end of last year showed a 150-inch plasma TV Life Screen. But, in contrast to the inventor of the new development of plasma panels, Life Screen can not be deformed.

In addition, on Sunday its new 82-inch LCD TV demonstrated by Samsung. Its resolution is 3840h2160 pixels. He works at a frequency of 120 hertz.

Price and date of appearance in the sale of both new products shown were reported.


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