Gemballa Avalanche GT2 600 evo - topster or speedster?

Gemballa increases potential! His new extreme novelty as AVALANCHE GT2 600 EVO, the tuner presented at the European market, one of the "revelations" of modifications for the sports car Porsche GT2, where the "weight" of the power unit already achieves 600 horsepower and 840 Nm of torque.

600 horses, in principle, not so much that the car would be called "frank", unless you pay attention to the specifics of the body. In tuner or notebook, and have options that are equipped with 750-horsepower and 800-horsepower engines, where more attention was paid not only looks much stuffing that for its part, makes each car of the farriers Gemballa to some extent only. So be it - from cars "gemballovtsev" a dainty feast for the eyes, but still, this car - there is a "BEST Of The BEST».

Firstly it is - of course the body, with his "bi-kollorovoy" lacquered and ultimatiruyuschim body kit, with a powerful front spoiler, swollen arches, massive rapids and tail with a diffuser and a giant anti-draining.

In votoryh - time-consuming and laborious work on the modernization of the suspension, which acquired helical gear, a couple of struts, stabilizer package, as well as an upgraded steering. Brakes - ultra-strong ceramics, in the form of 380 mm and 350 mm "goals" and bright red brake calipers, which easily fit a 20-inch wheels Series «Racing Black Edition» with tires of dimension 245 and 325.

Third - engine, which took over the experience and authority of the older "brothers" and was presented with a modified electronic control unit, a powerful cooler and the "empty" at no exhaust system, the roar of which will cause you to awaken their present fans of extreme drive, and along plunge in fear and envy of all your competitors and neighbors in the parking lot. Engine output is 600 horsepower and maximum torque - 840 Nm. This allows you to easily create hundreds of 3, 5 seconds and a top speed of 320 km / h.

Oh and posledochek - interior, which to this extreme pepper fits all "service station". Designers used in this "recipe" sweet couple familiar components such as carbon fiber, Alcantara and leather, where among other PR small things can still put a couple of flat monitorikov integrate a game console and the cockpit equipped with a powerful multimedia system. Great car!

As for the price, it is by analyzing past "creation" tuner, you can safely say that this fruit will cost no less than 350 000 euros - tough, but what little car!


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