Glow in the dark colors

Floral British company has created the world's first roses that eerie glow in the dark, so they can be a great accessory or gift for Halloween. Interflora company decided to add to the feast of All Saints a little Gothic glamor - a bouquet of roses called Avalanche (Avalanche) in daylight look like

conventional cream roses, but in the dark or by candlelight flowers give the eerie green light. A special process is used to achieve a glow in the dark effect is maintained by professional florists in the strictest confidence. Such extraordinary colors that absorb natural or electric light, and only then begin to glow yourself, you can decorate the house for Halloween or any restaurant along with traditional lanterns from pumpkins. Bouquet unusual colors Avalanche is not cheap - about $ 100 and can be ordered only from 22 October to 31 October.



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