Boutique yacht

This 37-meter yacht Couach 3700 Fly and from a technical point of view and from an aesthetic just perfect.

The boat is equipped with two engines 2, 735 horsepower each, which allow to accelerate to 50 km / h. Speed, of course, is not the highest, but a ride on the seas, oceans most it.

We can not say about the design of buildings. All that you will find on the yacht invented, designed, produced and selected by French fashion houses. However, what is not known. Everything else on the boat has a modular lighting, music players and a lot of interesting things. And anyway, it's not a yacht, but a work of art.

Each customer can participate in thinking through their complete Korablin. Thus, each boat - the real exclusive.

And in a very very spacious yacht: almost in football you can play (unless, of course, to push the furniture):


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