Michael Jackson decided to become a fashion designer


From the King of Pop Michael Jackson's long time there was no news. However, coming out of the "underground", the musician decided to declare itself in a completely unexpected incarnation. As it became known recently, Michael Jackson is preparing to release its own line of clothing.

Looks like 49-year-old Michael Jackson has already done enough in music to send your outstanding talent in a different direction. No wonder he chose fashion because the music and fashion have long been intertwined into one, complement each other. As it became known from official sources, the American pop idol release a clothing line together with the French designer Christian Audizhe (Christian Audigier), whose contribution to the development of fashion in the music industry is difficult to overestimate.

About cooperation between the two stars became known after Michael appeared at the party on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the famous fashion designer. Live music was a big surprise for those present at the event, the stars, among whom was Britney Spears, Madonna, Fergie and Pamela Anderson.

Audizhe, which is currently the creative director of the brand Ed Hardy, said that while the project is under development, but the joint line will appear in the near future, and buy it can be in LA boutique Kitson, where they like to dress celebrities.

According to the designer, clothing line will mark the comeback of Michael Jackson, which is not seen in public for about a year.

Sam Michael does not give comments about his new project. However, whatever you say, and the result of collaboration between the two odious figures certainly curious to see. Knowing that the work of both is always original, you can say in advance that the new clothing brand has a good chance of success. As for the price category, there is a suspicion that things are not cheap - in fact like many fans of Michael Jackson's admirers Audizhe included in the list of world's most famous personalities.


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