Sport for the elite

Ardent fans of the preferred sports should now be in the wild delight. Now they do not need to watch the race, for example, like all normal people. For a fee, for you to do everything to make you feel your eksklyuztvnost and gain new experiences by seemingly quite familiar to you things.

Jenahura company organizes for you some popular sporting event. For example, in the race 24 Hours of Le Mans, you may be the lucky ones who are allowed access to the box (something like a garage) favorite team. Soyatyazanie you can watch directly from there. You can also watch the Monaco Grand Prix from the private yacht of the world champion Kimi Raikkonen with him on the same board or arrive at some super-plane to the beginning of the European Cup in golf.

Golf fans, apparently, the organizing company loves more than any other. Perhaps that is why they are a privilege. That only is the game of golf with one of the leading specialists in this sport Robert Allenby in the resort of The Bear's Club, go fishing with him to his yacht and spend two nights in its residences These, dine at the same time with all his family.

I wonder how Jenahura had an awkward relationship with football? It seems that the ladies would be the consistency sit on the bench with David Beckham and easy to talk with him about this and that.


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