BMW X5 Hunter tyuningerov by Hartge

German tuning company Hartge is known for its crazy modifications of automobiles BMW, and the latest development is no exception. This time Hartge engineers took up the new BMW X5, making changes to the exterior, interior and the interior of the car, giving it a more sporty, extreme and aggressive look.

Power tjuningovannogo X5, dubbed Hartge Hunter, increased by 40 hp (29 kW) to give 3, 0-liter diesel engine a total capacity equal to 275 hp (202 kV). Torque has also increased - an increase of 59 lb / ft (80 Nm) to 443 lb / ft (600 Nm), which allows you to overclock SUV weighing 2 tonnes from 0 to 100 km / h in just 7, 4 seconds, which is 1 s faster than the base X5. Its top speed is 232 km / h.

In accordance with these characteristics, Hartge Hunter has also changed the exterior. The car completed the new aerodynamic parts, such as the front spoiler, rear wing and new side skirts. Thanks to an improved spring planting car was lower by 30 mm as opposed to the standard model, but by adding new body parts seems that Hunter planted more deeply. Small additions such as silver carbon fiber side mirrors visors and special logos attract the attention to detail. The massive 22-inch wheels fitted with 285 mm tires stunning Pirelli Scorpion Zeros at the front and 335 mm - on the rear wheels, successfully complete the exterior.

The interior can be upgraded by each customer, up to the installation of a speedometer, numbered up to 300 km / hour, with the maximum speed Hunter rests solely cosmetic. Rounding out the interior of the three-spoke leather steering wheel, instrument panel, exclusive gear lever knob and four doors with inserts of carbon fiber and black velor floor mats.

Fully charged Hunter in the European market will cost 57,554 euros ($ 90,100), plus taxes. By the way, customers no need to buy the whole tuning kit - every detail can be purchased separately.


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