Top 10 orders the Pentagon

10th place: By 2009, the US military should have guns, called "directed energy". Outwardly, it resembles a weapon from the sci-fi movie where a focused beam at a distance of burns on who sent. In reality, the beam will only cause an unbearable burning sensation. The development of the beam already spent $ 40 million.

9th place: Sometimes the enemy is not necessarily to kill, just put it on the ground. By order of the Marine Corps Southwest Research Institute in Texas has developed a gel which is sprayed from the spray. This gel is so slippery that it is impossible not only to go by car, but even walk.

8th place: Rubber bullets new design feels like a bag of peas or sponge. Contact a bullet like a slap in the face, resulting from the giant. The next step - "custom" bullets in the field can be made softer or harder depending on the situation.

7th place: Company Mission Research Corp. California is working on a bullet, which uses pulsating energy. That bullet was heated to ultra-high temperature, moisture on the surface around the target, so fast that it literally explodes with a bright flash and a loud bang. Fight after that is simply impossible.

6th place: In Spider-Man has a competitor. The company Foster-Millersozdala weapon called WebShot. This network, three meters wide, which is fired from a kind of gun. The network can cover the target with a distance of about 10 meters. Another version of the network - a portable barrier, stopping cars. With it, you can stop a truck weighing about 4 tons, moving at a speed of 70 kilometers per hour.

5th place: Company HSV Technologies in California is developing a device that sends a strong electric charge by ultraviolet ray. When a ray of "finds" human electric charge paralyzes him. The device operates at a distance of 2 kilometers.

4th place: For the Marines developed "gills". With the help of a device that is worn on the head and torso, paratrooper be able to breathe under water for 2 hours.

3rd place: Minefields supposed to disarm by a bee-sappers. Bees are trying to learn to respond to the odor of DNT - chemical compounds left over from TNT and other explosives. However, so far little success.

2nd place: Research Center Monell Chemical Senses in Philadelphia developed a "stinking bomb." The smell, which she distributes so disgusting that completely paralyzes the enemy. Only she problem: the use of these substances is limited by international treaties on chemical weapons.

1st place: By request of the Pentagon develop new acoustic weapons - enemy soldiers Americans will disperse using ... baby crying. Already recorded 50 "tracks." Enhances the volume of the recording is 140 decibels. It's like standing next to a passenger jet during takeoff. The new sound weapon should cause their victims a terrible headache.


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