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Italian monocycle 1954! The idea was that a fixed-in-class power engine (60 cc in all) to make the car lowest possible weight. Monocycles participated in motorcycle racing Milan-Taranto, and, according to family legend, the author of the design and rider Luiggi Bandini crashed due to the fact that the welcome was distracted by the audience warmly welcomed an unusual machine. Struck by the tragedy father forbade any driver not to drive, but also to remember about this unit ...

Half a century later, in 2004, the car was found, bought and brought into operation a collector of exotic Todd Fell, who found the car at the villa of the family Bandini at Naples. They say it even went back ...

Parallel motorcycle UNO

Why parallel? And because its wheels located at the UNO motorcycle than a conventional motorcycle, series and parallel ... It turned out funny.

However, maschina interesting not only that. It is understood that the vertical position of the machine supports the gyro, but its role is not limited thereto. Recent efforts at the gyroscope are also the primary means of control of the machine. To start a movement, slow down or poverunt - you just need to move the center of gravity of the body in one direction or another.

Sensors analyzing efforts on the gyro mounts immediately issue the commands to electric motors (electric machine through) wheels. In theory, by the way, the machine can spin on the spot.
In fact, the machine is an advanced sports Segway. But appearances - it's something ...


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