Chinese version of the Sony Ericsson C702

Chinese manufacturers continue to hone skills cloning and this time as the sample was selected phone Sony Ericsson C702.

Chinese machine much like Sony Ericsson C702 both appearance and technical characteristics. In the Chinese version of the phone, too, 3, 2-megapixel camera and a display with a resolution of 320x240 pixels. Curtains to protect the camera from dust there, but there is a function DualSIM, the display is a touch screen and has software for handwriting. It is also present in the phone as much as two modules Bluetooth, stereo speakers and a slot microSD. Also on the phone you can watch TV, and on top there is a small antenna for better reception. There is also an MP3 player and electronic dictionary. How much will cost the Chinese version of the Sony Ericsson C702 is unknown, but usually these devices cost in the region of 130-170 dollars.


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