Computer Amphibian

Despite the fact that during the summer holidays, many are trying to spend as little time in front of the monitor, enjoying the fresh air, sunshine, walking and socializing with friends, there are among us some who do not feel fully human while away from your beloved PC.

Among my friends, too, there are such people: they have no idea how to live a day without e-mail, ICQ and Internet.

Therefore, good designers with developers squeezed and released lineup of laptops amphibians.
These little things are mounted on a rubber ring, a mattress, a side of the boat or other floating craft, and, of course, absolutely do not suffer from swimming in the water. Owner of the computer amphibious only need that to attach the device to the right place, and relax, rocking on the waves. Perfect vacation!

Despite the tiny size, amphibian supplied a bunch of useful functions. Touch buttons, Bluetooth and GPRS, processor, charged by the sun and a lot of different and interesting.

It seems that fans climb on the internet at any time of the day, will be pleased. Fortunately, the computer screen is protected from the sun and will not deteriorate from a long "deck".


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