Cube in the bedroom, Rubik - in the living room

Rubik's Cube without

They say that it is very difficult to make any purchase, if you do not know exactly what you want. Like, to get something really worthwhile and interesting, you need to understand at least roughly, as "something" should look like.
However, as designers always come to the aid of those who never knows what she wants out of life is not only, or himself, but also from the interior of your own living room.
Instead, to solve the puzzle, they offer to the consumer. With the help of a huge square table in the form of a cube-cube.
What is the beauty of the table? But the fact that it not only serves original decoration living room, bedroom or any other room, but the owner devaysa can always choose such an arrangement of colors, which would be beneficial looked in conjunction with the rest of the room.


Thus, the question "where do we put it" and "We do not have anything suitable in color" is reached. It remains only one question: where to define this charm, and on which side to place.


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