In the town of Wolverhampton near Birmingham on January 28 passed the race to the bottom titled "Hard guys." Tough guys (Tough Guy Race) - an annual competition, which takes place since 1986, is run with obstacles, but obstacles are rather unusual route length of more than 12 kilometers and a venue for the race covers the land size of 150 hectares, the central stage of forming the so-called "Killing Field» (Killing Fields).
It organized 21 obstacles, each of which may result in serious injury to the party, and even death. Participants must crawl through a peculiar tunnel at a depth of 50 cm for slush under the barbed wire ... then duck under the wooden bridge through ice morass, to climb to a height of 10 meters down on a rope from a height of 3 meters, to overcome the land with barbed wire, through which passed an electric current to overcome the "fire" band with a burning hay, in general, a great pastime!


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