Man burned alive in their cars on the Garden (13 photos)

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 - Yesterday afternoon in Novinsky tunnel in Moscow completely burned car "Hyundai". The most horrifying thing is that along in the car burned her master, who for some reason could not get out of the flaming SUV. The fire occurred as a result of a technical fault.
UPD 18.20 MSK:
Cause a fire and subsequent explosion of a car on Arbat Street in Moscow - at the entrance to the tunnel Novinskiy on the Garden Ring - has become a can of hairspray. According to "Komsomolskaya Pravda", the girl, who was driving the car Hyundai, decided in traffic to fix her hair and sprayed hairspray near a lit cigarette. The balloon exploded and set fire to upholstery.
From the explosion she lost consciousness - uncontrolled car drove a few meters and buried her in the curb. Because of the strike began leaking fuel caught fire and the car entirely. As the CITY-FM with reference to the traffic police, all three explosions were reported. Woman - the driver of the car Hyundai - could not be saved.
According to specialists capital's traffic police, the cause of the fire and explosions became a confluence of several circumstances - because of the hot weather gets uncomfortably warm can of paint, and engine overheating and malfunction of the fuel or electrical system of the car led to the ignition of the fuel.


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