Manor Uitanherst (3 photos)

The British newspaper The Daily Mail writes: ... that the biggest after the Buckingham Palace private home in London, sold last year for 32 million pounds, find a buyer, put 50 million pounds (about $ 100 million). It is reported that the new owner of Uitanhersta, 90-room mansion in Highgate, was the wife of Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, Elena Buturina, the richest woman in Russia.

The mansion was previously used for the project BBC Fame Academy, and the queen in her youth played tennis there at the party before Wimbledon, hosted by the previous owner. Now the house is in a dilapidated condition, since as a house bought by a developer Marcus Cooper at the Arab family last July, no repairs were not carried out in it. According to the newspaper, under the high arches Uitanhersta can easily accommodate an extensive art collection E. Baturina.


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