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In 1908, the French newspaper "Le Matin" organized a rally in New York - Paris via the Bering Strait.
The run was attended by six teams from America, France, Germany and Italy.
It was supposed to move the following route: New York - Alaska - the Bering Strait - Lower Kolyma - Yakutsk - Olekminsk - Kirensk - Irkutsk - Nizhneudinsk - Kansk - Krasnoyarsk - Tomsk ... and further on Russia to Europe.
The main contenders for victory were American crew George Schuster to "Thomas Flyer 6-70" with devyatilitrovym engine and a power of 72 hp, the German coach Hans Koppen on "Protos" 34 hp, the Italian crew on Henry Haag " Brixen Zyust ", 40 hp Bursa and the French crew on the "De Dion-Bouton", 30 hp We started as three French crew "Sizer-Naudin," 12 hp "Motoblock", 30 hp and a motorcycle "Werner" Russian brothers Michael and Eugene Werner, working in Paris.


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