Love - is in the details.

You love yourself. You allow yourself to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee in the middle of the workday. You do a beautiful elegant dress just because you have a good mood. You rejoice themselves all sorts of pleasant shopping, ranging from global plan to buy a sofa to less important - spending money on small trinkets. Stand out for yourself an hour or two of time everyday to do themselves, their body. No? All this is not about you? Then an urgent need to start to love yourself!

Mashed up holes jeans sagged robe worn shoes - throw it all! This is rubbish! He has no place in your life. Reconsider beautician. What do we see there? Cheap lipstick, which for ten years in the afternoon. It smells bad and is constantly on the lips spreads. Well, why do you need it? Let's replace it with something better. Believe me, as soon as your hands will be a beautiful tube of lipstick nice smelling your favorite color, your mood instantly rise. The quality of the new lipstick will add you confidence. At least that it is not smeared and you will look attractive for many hours.
Next, we have the spirits? Do you not? An urgent need to start! Can be several different bottles. Why? Yes to create a mood. Shrouded in a cloud of light, subtle floral scent, you will make an impression of a romantic, refined nature. A "dressed" in a sweet, slightly pungent perfume, you will become the personification of glamor and luxury.
Beautiful clothes, jewelery, cosmetics, perfume, all of this - the attributes of femininity. A woman should be feminine. Self-love is in the details. Tell me, who will love you if you do not love yourself? Pamper yourself, dear women!


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