Energy drinks can cause heart attack and stroke

Energy drinks can cause heart attacks and strokes due to the fact that they raise the blood pressure, prevent doctors. Doctors told to people suffering from cardiovascular disease or hypertension, completely abandon them, reports The Sun. Eating a day just two cans of beverages containing caffeine and taurine, is already having an impact. Significantly increased blood pressure, even in healthy people.

Most energy drinks contain caffeine and the amino acid taurine. Both substances affect the heart rate and pressure.

The scientists studied 15 healthy volunteers, men and women who for one week every day drank two cans of energy, containing 80 mg of caffeine. Two days before the experiment, as well as during it they are not upotreblinli caffeine in any other forms, reports CBS News.

Within four hours after drinking the first day of the systolic (upper) pressure is increased in subjects on 9 items, on the seventh day - 10. The diastolic pressure for both days increased by 5 points. HR increased by five strokes per minute on the first day, seven - the seventh day. During the experiment, participants sat in a chair and watched a movie.

According to James Callus from the hospital Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, where the experiment was conducted in healthy volunteers increase in performance is not a danger, however, in individuals with cardiovascular disease or those taking medications for normalizing the blood pressure, it can be harmful.

The experimental results were presented at the scientific sessions of the American Heart Association (American Heart Association).


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