The smallest bird in the world

The smallest birds in the world recognized the bee hummingbird, living in Cuba and the Isle of Pines. Their weight - 1, 6 g, and the length is 5, 7 cm - with half the length of the calf up the tail and beak.

Of course, there are hummingbirds and larger sizes, for example, even with a swallow: the length of the body of the giant hummingbird, about 20 cm. Hummingbird very unusual language: it is a long, thin tube with a fringe on the end. The plumage of these little birds is very varied colors, often with a metallic sheen.

Some species of hummingbirds have a pronounced crest, others have elongated feathers on the sides of the head or neck, forming a kind of collar. Of the anatomical features should mention extraordinary development of the heart: it is the volume almost three times more gastric and occupies half of the body cavity. This is due to the high mobility of birds and rapid metabolism. We add that the red blood cells have a hummingbird greater than that of other birds. Heart rate in hummingbirds extremely high: in some species it comes to 1000 per minute.

Despite its small size, hummingbirds eat a lot: upotreblinyut per day is approximately 2 times greater than the weigh yourself. The only way they can maintain enhanced metabolism and body temperature constant. They feed on the nectar of flowers. Approaching the flower and stopping in front of him in the air, hummingbird flower introduces bill and, without opening it, only slightly raises the upper mandible and up pops a folded tube end language. Then strong swallowing movements nectar pumped into the oral cavity, esophagus and enters the further bypassing the stomach flows into the duodenum.


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